Meeting Facilitation:

“Time is Money” – Benjamin Franklin

If you are reading this page, you have sat through meetings that wasted your time and your company’s money. Have you ever added up the fees for those meetings?  If the average group members average salary is $120,000 and there are eight people in a two-hour meeting the invisible cost is $1067. Was your meeting productive enough to warrant that cost to your company?

Paying for a professional facilitator means every minute is well spent! Someone has to shape and guide the process of working together so you reach your goals and accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Any structured meeting that requires input, conversations and quantifiable action-plans to move forward, hinges on a professional with advanced facilitation skills. It’s nearly impossible to both contribute meaningfully to a process and simultaneously lead it yourself. There’s also the challenge of retaining objectivity which is elusive at best – especially given you are part of the current way of doing things. I come to the meetings prepared, having a clear understanding of the goals and objectives to be achieved by the end of the meeting. In the process of leading the conversation, I keep participants focused and on track while quickly defusing side conversations or conflicts.

A meeting facilitator for over 10 years, I believe in running action-oriented meetings that form the foundation of a wining business. They include everything from brainstorming meetings to long-term planning board retreats and executive off-sites.

“I’ve been in more meetings and team-building sessions that I care to remember. So I can say with confidence that you will be hard pressed to find a facilitator as effective in tapping into and drawing out the collective energy and wisdom of a room ……what particularly impressed me was her ability to effortlessly elicit opposing views and keep everyone focused and yet somehow manage to build consensus in the end.”

– Mike Lin, former management consultant, Accenture